The X Files first aired on this day 21 years ago, September 10th, 1993


There were a lot of elevators in Mirror’s Edge


photos (clic pic) by robert bailey, nigel roddis and adam hanlon of some amorous grey seals in the waters off the farne islands.


wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

"Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me."

-Al Capone (via tywin)

Mulder and Scully + season one lack of personal space.


X-Files “Bad Blood” script - deleted scenes

agents dana scully and fox mulder in 1.02 (deep throat).




i’m gonna collect a massive pile of leaves and put them in a box to send to liz

I will cry tears of joy. I will cry tears of joy and then inhale the scent of autumn and then maybe string the leaves into a garland or something

You can have some Oregon leaves, too. I could even press some into a little book to send to you


doctor-lucky replied to your post: SCHOOLWORK!! havin’ fun with glowy thi…

I cannot wait to make a game with you GOSH

I NEVER SAW THIS UNTIL NOW BUT OH MY GOSH thank u Lucky that’s…….. the highest form of praise I could hope for, weeps


the sunglass files

I got tagged by cortnan to do the TOP 10 VIDEO GAME LADIES CHALLENGE!

It’s very simple. To celebrate women in games, list your top 10 favourite ladies in video games and tag 5 people to do the thing too. Let’s spread the love of gaming women!

it is going to be hard for me to pick ten!!!! I love videogame ladies!!! here I go

  1. Alyx Vance from Half-Life
  2. Ellie Williams from TLOU
  3. Riley Abel from TLOU (all the ladies in TLOU actually. Tess & Marlene are so well written and I want a movie about Marlene)
  4. Elena Fisher from Uncharted (!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Clementine from TWDG
  6. Snow White from TWAU
  7. Amaterasu from Okami
  8. Commander Shepard from Mass Effect— though I’m not sure she really counts since canonically Shepard has no specified gender
  9. Lara croft from Tomb Raider
  10. Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite (luv that liz even though…… I’m not that fond of the way they developed her later on)

I tag owligator digging-in-detritus missxdelaney miodan aaand nightfuryss!!

asked: "#scullys impossibly perfect face is an x file" correct



how is this possible